Reflection of brand values

Herrenschatz Lookbook
Conception "Brand value is in people who associate themselves with it" was created
for brand capsule collection.

Athletes, celebs, restorateurs appeared for the models, reflecting "brand character"
with their way of life: Uilliam Lamberti (founder and senior chef of Uilliams, "Северяне" ("Severyane"), "Уголёк" ("Ugolek") etc.), Andrey Kupreev (World JiuJitsu Champion), Fedor Tardatyan (Ferma&Uilliamsburg founder), Alex Adamov (DJ), Julia Vysotskaya, Konstantin Zhukunov, Anna Vishnyakova (Troyka Multipace).

This spirited idea has allowed the brand to start their history in Russia at «Tsvetnoy» store.
Date: October 25th 2015
Client: Herrenschatz
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